21 Days At Camp One Direction (Book One: 21 Days series)

Girls are girls, and boys are.. Well boys. Ashley, Lucy, Moe, Alyssa, and, Jessica are five bestfriends who go to summer camp every summer and it is always fun. Until that's when One Direction came into the picture. Opposites living .next door to each other, went more like World War II. 21 days were all they had, but it was an interesting 21 days.. Because somehow, those five charming boys got those girls to fall for them. Such a usual thing right? Well, not for haters.. ©Copyrighted BritishBums 2012-13 Cover Created BY: Charlie_Zerafa
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lol dis bish really thinks she's not gonna hang out with Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry or Zayn?!! she's cray cray!
My dad and mom could care less if I was with a boy more than half of my friend group is boys
My name is neither lucky alyssa jessica and moe

But no one cares so might as weLL SHUT UP
Eh, I would rather go to camp star. Haha I used to watch that when I was like 8 
Gurl I did 30 days in the middle of nowhere without Wattpad, Internet, and Netflix. It was brutal
My Names Alissa To But Spelled With An ' I ' & I Have Cousins Named Lucy & Ashley & Friends Named Jessica & Moe

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