21 Days At Camp One Direction (Book One: 21 Days series)

Girls are girls, and boys are.. Well boys. Ashley, Lucy, Moe, Alyssa, and, Jessica are five bestfriends who go to summer camp every summer and it is always fun. Until that's when One Direction came into the picture. Opposites living .next door to each other, went more like World War II. 21 days were all they had, but it was an interesting 21 days.. Because somehow, those five charming boys got those girls to fall for them. Such a usual thing right? Well, not for haters.. ©Copyrighted BritishBums 2012-13 Cover Created BY: Charlie_Zerafa
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It does and there's a part of the book with a camp rock song to! 
This is the 4th time I've read this book!;)
Oh and it's Jessica's mum too. 
OMGOMGOMG AHAHAHA her mum prob ships everyone of then OMG LOLOLOLOLOL
It's like 2 in the morning and your dam book is making me squeal!
My mum is bout to kill me!!!!!
But it's soooooo worth it!
we all have our opinions like me I dont like there music at all but I mean have u seen them?!?!?!
Love the beginning of this book. I think I read it before, but I am reading it again. Love the first chapter.
I'm sorry but I would not be wearing dark colored skinny jeans and a leather jacket in SUMMER it would just be to hot.

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