The Prominent Girl

2 Part Story 201 Reads 20 Votes
Anthea, Erika, Hanbi and Jessica By converse_123 Updated 3 years ago
For six years, her life has been utterly perfect. She's beautiful and has enough friends to spare. Everyone who lays eyes on her, loves her. But of course, reality kicks in, and soon, the first tragedy strikes. 
    About two tragedies later, she turns 16, and somehow she has reached the peak of the social ladder at school. Against all odds, she befriends three certain girls - all with their own unique personalities. 
    What happens when the four of them make a bet? And only one can emerge as the winner. The prize of winning the bet is not worth the chance of losing for this girl, but nonetheless she takes up the challenge, undaunted by what fate might have in store for her.
wonderful chapter, keep writing!!
                                    um when are the other books coming? like i know the country girl came out and this one but where are the other two? or are you mainly focusing on these two first?