After School with Mr. Obnoxious - BOOK 1

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...Aaron made Samantha's School life a misery. So when they got into a very unlikely situation more than books and Lab Experiments, Samantha swore that she will make Aaron's life a living hell, until she discovered something.
I love how he keeps his real last name and just his first name is changed!!!!!! And he's like really really hot...
why do they always look in the mirror I mean of they think they're ugly then why look?!!!
Eh will u stop insulting yourself it is bad it will effect UR emotional health
Hahha love how you use Matt's last name xD I love Matt lanter!!
Sigh. He is too harsh....christ i betcha he cant forget about her lips.
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Ahhh u mean the Queen Slut and King Bastard...well the bastard is temporarily.