When the Darkness Falls

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Noemi By Noemi Updated 3 years ago
Charlie Stewart is a man, an average man.  He had always heard rumors about a woman named Matilda.  She was considered the tooth fairy by the towns people.  One night, Matilda's house burned by a terrible fire.  This fire destroyed her facial features, leaving her disfigured and her flesh very sensitive to light.  She had to wear a porcelian mask to cover her hideous face, from light.  This caused her to only leave her home at night.  

  When two children mysteriously dissapear, the towns people get suspicious.  Matilda is their main suspect.  Though, she did nothing wrong.  Her horrifying face and strange ways made the town believe she was the one who kidnapped the children.  Though, when the children come back, the town takes back the horrific event that took Matilda's life.  To cover it up, they bury her, so she can never be seen again.

  But, with Matilda's innocence still in tact, she promises her vengeance.  It is believed that Matilda's spirit visits children when they lose their first baby tooth.  If you see her, you are cursed.  

  You could be next.
I loved the beginning and it kept me reading, I love how descriptive and well written it is. I want to see more of your writings!
its a good start, just be sure to fix gramatical errors because it might put off the reader, but other than that, I can't wait for you to develop your storyline! ^^
wow this sounds good! it reminds me of a movie i once watched with a similar plot like this! were you inspired by that movie? just wondering, nice start, you've captured my attention! ^^