Confessions Of A Teenage Nymphomanaic

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Lily loves sex. She is addicted to it. She is sixteen and has had sex with at least 50 men. She loves being lusted after, she loves being wanted. But her hyper sex drive causes problems in her life because she cannot keep a relationship or friends. Her life is a long drag of sex and she hates it but she cant stop. She has no purpose in life or no goals. Her life seems to be a never ending cycle of wild promiscuous sex until she meets someone, a boy named Issac. Issac and Lily become close friends and he wants to help her. But can Issac help this damaged girl find the root to her problem? Can he change her life? Can he give her more than psychical affection? Can he even give her.. Love?
    Dont judge the book by its title and think it will be some porno. This is about a young girl with serious self esteem issues and uses sex as a way to cope with her hurt and pain. Join Lily as she attempts to find the meaning of life love and happiness, while dealing with old skeletons that haunt her. Grow with her as she learns that sex isnt just a hobby, and it can have serious emotional and psychical consequences.
I really enjoy detail. And lots of it I don't think there is such a thing as too much detail when you are talking about sex.
I think this book was written by someone with a cool imagination. It may be a book about sex but the author obviously knows what they are doing! Good job at this book!
I like your work a lot , i think you should widen them , give a bit more detail , and you could really go somewhere (you have great insight in the horror area)
I cannot find the second book!  Is there anyway you could post a link or help me find it?
Wow great read it seems to be flowing fairly well, I can help edit if you need it :) and also as the reader I want to understand why she does what she does, being a "slut" and sleeping around... Definitely going to keep reading
Wow I love this already and it's just the first paragraph. This is going to be an interesting story! Keep going with it!