DarkWing (Final Editing in Progress)

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Retrac752 By Retrac752 Completed
In the year 2092, genetic mutation has cured cancer, but with this new field of research comes a new threat, one the public is blind to. Battling a world controlled by fear, a genius driven by greed, and a species shattered by treachery, one man sees the truth and struggles to end the corruption seething from one of the world's largest corporations. The world as we know it ceases to exist, and he is the only one strong enough to face those that destroyed it. As the lines between man and monster blur, who's to say who the real enemy is.
dancergrl154 dancergrl154 9 months ago
It's so hard to get all those errors corrected! But they're easy fixes. Glad it helped! :) @Retrac752
moiramadamba moiramadamba 2 years ago
It has this obvious field of science feeling to it, and I kind of liked it - but since some of your paragraphs looked long, it kinda seemed taunting a bit. It's an interesting prologue. Keep up the good work! -voted
FlightFirebolt1261 FlightFirebolt1261 2 years ago
very interesting chapter so far
good science stuff and virtually no grammar mistakes
twilightgirl1678 twilightgirl1678 2 years ago
Wow that was great! You did amazing with description. It makes the story feel so real! Great job! :D
veracity veracity 2 years ago
Now, I'm a total idiot and I am the WORST with the science stuff. But this was really good. Well what I understood was really good. It was well written and there were hardly any grammatical errors. Well done :)
KatyBrimacombe KatyBrimacombe 2 years ago
very interesting story line. I like it so far but you paragraph seem so long I get lost in the sentences (not in a good way lol) You could cut them up I'mma read on though!