One Direction Imagines

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inactiveoops12 By inactiveoops12 Updated 2 years ago
As the title implies, this is a book of One Direction imagines. ***WARNING: My imagines will progessively get better as you read along, considering I've been working on my writing skills for a year*** Enjoy! ~ Roxie Davenport
potatoshell potatoshell 2 years ago
Oh so sweet! Can you do a Louis fanfic as cute as these? Plz? I would rly enjoy it and I'm sure many others would too!
lorlor_25 lorlor_25 2 years ago
These are good. You should write an imagine where #4  happens
Mrshoran14 Mrshoran14 2 years ago
What u did is smart cauz I haven't read anything like it befor it's awesome
Kayla_8399 Kayla_8399 2 years ago
Can you make me a long imagine ? 
My Name is Kayla, I have brown hair with blue/green eyes and can it be with Harry and dirty ? Thanks xx
KassyStyles44 KassyStyles44 2 years ago
Can u make me a long dirty one 
Hair: Blonde
Eyes : Brown
Fav: Harry