Opening up the Bottle (on Hold)

We all have those intimate thoughts that we keep bottled up. Some interesting, some not so much. Now you get to know what is squirming in the heads of Ella, Ridley, Lex, and Sam. Four of the most highly trained spies on the planet. Get to know life from their point of view, while at the same time joining them on their first real mission. With so many messed up kids, their thoughts might be funny, interesting, or just plain scary.
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Although I'm no editor I found this chapter amazing without needing revising thumbs up. :L
This chapter was awesome :) Your grammar was great and I love your characters' spunk!
Umm..on the very first paragraph on page 1...the dialogue never ended...

By the way, you did a great job writing third person ;) 

Maybe spread your paragraphs out a tiny bit, so its easier to read. but its good

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