Thinking About Eternity (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Lily Lord has never been the girl boys wanted to date nor has she ever gotten along with her family. She has always been the girl who was good at giving advice and helping other girls obtain their boyfriends. Never has Lily had a boyfriend nor has she been kissed. She doesn't know the first thing about a relationship except from watching Chick Flicks and her friends romances. Her Dad had gotten remarried over in England and Lily opted to move out with him in Manchester. When she arrives she discovers her step sister isn't any ordinary step sister, but she is Eleanor Calder, loyal girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Through Eleanor, Lily meets Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, and of course, Harry. Harry is unlike any other boys she has met. He seems different and she doesn't know what's happening to her because she's so confused about her feelings. She forms feelings for Harry and doesn't know how to handle them since she's never had a boyfriend nor has she even been kissed. This is Lily... Thinking About her Eternity.
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OMG! Best Story Ever Bc Ima Harry Girlll!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Lol, she sounds like me..its so weird! But awsome story! The best harry fanfic i had ever read! <3 <3 <3
@amandaJtommo That is so cool ! 
I never thought of that :) 
Thanks for Answering :D
One of the most realistic sounding mfangics I've read in a reeeeeeally long time - looking forward to it :D
i thought i was going to marry Joe Jonas. Yeah that didnt work out well. but i did go to there concert. (: 
Oh and btw you are an AWESOME writer.
OMG! This is amazing! So good, I feel like I'm actually in the story! Sign of an awesome writer! Ur so gifted, excuse me while I scream with jealousy. XD

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