The Wildflower (Completed) (Southern Nights)

Elizabeth was forced to learn a lot of hard lessons in life after one accidental night of passion. Despite the consequences, she was a survivor. Six years later the resident bad boy now turned home town hero returns and he has his eyes set on one woman. Caught up in the mayhem, can Elizabeth keep from repeating some of the same mistakes from her youth? Or will other unforeseen forces interfere turning her world into one wild, chaotic nightmare. This is a re-make of "The Wildflower" one of my first stories. There will be some minor changes but the plot will remain the same.
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Ever heard of a thing called Contraception? Maybe condoms? Birth control pills? U use them to avoid such mistakes....
nursing school is like 4 years,you can't finish nursing school and become a head nurse in 2 years
tonsil hockey with his sister? just because its the south doesn't mean they're incestuous
Oh hell. I would have been pissed off.

Has she even been with anyone else? Jesus.

Gahh-lee darn.
This my second time reach this book, my excuse. . . I didnt vote the first time round lol
Thanks for the dedication sweetie!  You know all too well how much I loved this story!  :D

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