Being the Bad Boy's Victim

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He leaned in closer, if that was even possible, his spearmint breath fanning across my face. My breathing got caught in my throat as he lowered his mouth to my ear. 
    "You can deny liking me, wanting me, but let's face it- You're like all the rest. You're that good girl who so secretly but desperately wants to change me. All girls want to be the one that makes the bad boy change, they want him to change for them. So you can go around, acting like you don't care about me, go ahead Bella, do that. But let me tell you this, I enjoy a good chase, and that's exactly what you are. Cause Bella, I get what I want, and I want you."
    My full name is Bellatrix Annaliese Brown. Yeah yeah, weird name. Anyways, I am from London, England and moved here once before when I was sixteen. After being bullied, I moved back to England, where I was living with my Aunt till my parents decided I should come back to America for my senior year in high school. As you can see, I don't have the best of luck, which I guess is why-
    I became the Bad Boy's Victim.
I was literally thinking 'why not just name her bellatrix lestrange then'
Run bish Run like there's food waiting for you at the other side
Honestly what's up with americans yall are getting way to offended, it's NOT like the author meant it seriously!?!?
I'm ok with America I mean I've only been here for four years but some people are so racist and all that stuff in Haiti we never bullied you because of your religion, skin color, or race
love your name girl don't care about those bítches they were just jealous
everyone calm down there are so many cute rompers and it honestly just depends on what it looks like and who's wearing it. Yes sometimes they look terrible on people but they can also be super flattering and adorable