That Rich Girl

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All rich teenage girls are obnoxious, petty, dramatic, hurtful and all about themselves...So not true. Well, sometimes.



Bree Litman is not just any rich teenage girls. She is the heiress to her parent's billion empire ranging from everything they invested in. They have invested in sports cars, metal industry, factories, etc. But not only that, they possess so many companies that roll in millions every year that she cannot keep track of whatever they own unless she heard the brand's name, which usually has the name Litman in them.



She doesn't lavish in her wealth, but she didn't abhor it like some love novel cliche princess. 



She tolerates it.



But being under such stress and a world filed with the 'Green($)', some part of her died along due to the many kidnapping incidents attempted on her and when she was kidnapped in one particular incident that leads to an accident, her feelings died permanently.



Her parents sent her away to a school called Constantine Alistronia high and things started to change under the influence of her five, very handsome, very extraordinary friends.


Is the ice queen going to melt? Or is she always just going to be That Rich Girl.
I've read this before but didn't the writer delete her profile I was a fan loved the tell
moonShiver moonShiver a year ago
please make a book similar to this and make it cool and stylish. ... :) good thing i red it. ...
heartanimeforever heartanimeforever a year ago
Me and a whole bunch of other people are asking you: Why did you delete That Rich Girl?! Please tell us, because I really love this book!
RazselAlfaro RazselAlfaro a year ago
Nice story! I wish that im better than Bree Litman in martial arts!I like to be Bree!  ^_^

Cool and Ashteg Bree Litman. ^_^
lonzchic lonzchic a year ago
please make this a movie!! i would be dying to watch it..pleeeeaaassee! hats off to the writer..:)