The Advice Book (Closed. You can still message me)

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cupcake By cupcake Updated 2 years ago
*This is a real advice book* This is a book, I've made to help you. If you have any problems, tell me. I will add another chapter with your problem, and I will try to explain how to overcome it. I will put your name as 'Anonymous' unless you wish to be known. Until I get messages, I will put up chapters of things I feel, and things girls go through. I've been having a hard time myself. I promise not to tease, or joke about your problems. I promise to help. You can trust me. xx Lyn
Well lets just say I have problems with every thing including personality
will it be possible to do a private email please I don't know who else would know what to say to me that wont change how I feel
@Tyliyahwashere same with me on both of those. singing voice and looks :/
Me and this guy like love each other. I have told my friends what I think About him and they tell me it's wrong cause he is two years younger than me. His sister is also my best friend, she knows how I feel as well. The only people who support us is our our moms and sisters. I need some advise.
I love your book! I think it's amazing! You have inspired me!
I may not know you but I know that God has sent an angel to us. God that sounded so cheesy, but I'm for reals. You're a miracle, and I hope you will "die happily".  :)