Dont leave me for her.. please? *TWINCEST*

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_SorryYoureTooLate By _SorryYoureTooLate Updated 2 years ago
* New story line *

Lane couldn't accept the fact that he was gay and his twin brother wasn't. 
Luka is all Lane craved for. His kisses. His arms wrapped around him. His voice
Its become so bad ( well not really bad. ) that he's dreamt of Luka's large member. Luka always said he would never be Lane's. Why is this? Because Luka is straight. Lane's feelings has always been so strong for Luka. But, what happens when Luka meets a busty girl  full of lust? How is Lane supposed to reach and capture Luka's heart, if some s**t is constantly stealing him away?
Olinator Olinator 2 years ago
OLLLLLIIIIIVVVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRR continue this or i will find you... and i will eat your brains c:
Write now...or the unicorns will be searching for have my word.. O.O Please XD
rockturtle3 rockturtle3 2 years ago
oh my gawdddd! i love~ this! i hope the next chapter is up soon! this is soooo amazing! :D
WinglessDevil WinglessDevil 2 years ago
Le gush! This was so cute...and sad? But the cuteness defeated the sad! Aw man I can't stop gushing I love brotherly love!!!! UPLOAD SOON!
His_Last_Scream511 His_Last_Scream511 2 years ago
I love it. You must write more. I love thoughs kinds of storys. And I love everything about this story so far! Please update!
Cresil21 Cresil21 2 years ago
Have I ever mentioned that you're a writing god? Because I love this. cx
Even if it was short. I love how you can describe their feelings so well. :)