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Oh I didn't know you write poetry too?!?! This one was hilariously odd!!! Liked it!!!
That was pretty funny

Strangers don't feel anything for each other so it is easier for them but when you are with the person you love(normally), it is harder to do those stuff.

A little like saying names in Japanese Shoujo manga
i hate donuts but i wouldn't mind one right now...wybble or no! 

Haha, @AfterAlexandria, your comment made me laugh. It really brings to mind a great man - e.e. cummings, that is.
While rhyming is a common technique used by poets, it can start to lose its desired effect after awhile, but your use of couplets was actually quite effective in this so great job there!

This was simple and amusing, interesting piece.
lol I like this  its simple yet so humorous though ...onward to a bolder pair 

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