Over the Hill and through the Woods (Attys)

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AndreaBlythe By AndreaBlythe Completed
"Over the Hill and through the Woods" is a collection of poems inspired by fairy tales and folk lore. 

It will also be home to the poems I intend to submit to the Attys. 

Cover art is by Ivan Bilibin (edited to suit my needs) and is in the public domain.
gailrunschke gailrunschke a year ago
I really enjoyed the magical element in this poem and the bouncy rhythm - a very appealing read. Vtd
multilovely multilovely 2 years ago
Thanks - I like learning new things :)
I have to hope bending the rules is okay too, since strictly speaking I've got mostly free verse poems and I've just categorized them as 'dramatic monologue', 'recueillement', 'carpe diem' and so on. At least I tried!
multilovely multilovely 2 years ago
Is a drude something similar to a druid? 
I'm not particularly good with rhyming poems either, but is it 'okay'  to have near rhymes like 'home' and 'gnomes' in a villanelle?
seasofme seasofme 2 years ago
And i want to get to know Gretel!
I so admire your poetry.
U are a great poet, (but i don't have to tell u that).
MarcellaMoorcroft MarcellaMoorcroft 2 years ago
This poem is really fantastic.  Your imagery is unique and affecting.
ScottWhitaker ScottWhitaker 2 years ago
Cut the articles. Cut to the bones and you can find its grim rythym there