His Number

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ForeverYoung411 By ForeverYoung411 Updated a year ago
Charlotte Everley and her best friend had a tradition. 
Every summer on June 26th, they call one number--one random number of the same area code, purely for entertainment.
When Charlotte's best friend Stella found love with the help of their 'tradition', she added another reason.
To find Charlotte a boyfriend.
After three years of endless match ups, set ups, blind dates. and not to mention two calls to, thankfully, female receivers, the summer of eleventh grade comes rolling by, and so does the fateful day of June 26th.
The only difference is that, this time, the stranger behind the phone is most definitely male.
And the president's eighteen year old son.
SelenaMontgomery SelenaMontgomery 2 days ago
the total funny thing is me and my friend call random people in our school just for fun every month. * Bitchy white girl voice * This story is tots about us right Ashley? * Other Bitchy White girl voice * Yasss Mary Kate!
4wkward_fangirl 4wkward_fangirl 4 days ago
U should def update it!! I would love to continue reading this!
qveen_j qveen_j 4 days ago
fangirling right now...this is just the beginning.. his voice is so hot
Define-you Define-you 7 days ago
OMG I LOVE this book so far I REALLY hope you keep updating it!
AFAB17 AFAB17 14 days ago
seriously change the character. sarah Hyland is well ahm... not beautiful so she doesnt suit Francisco. francisco is fine though ill just imagine srah hyland is vanessa hudgens
ready-to-run ready-to-run 23 days ago
Ooooooo this sounds so good. And the resemblance between Alec Ryder and Ryder Johnson makes me already love this story, same actor and partially the same name sweeeeeet