Storyline Sam was celebrating his 25 birthday with his friends when some object flying from the sky hit the ground near them and they got strangely teleported thousands of years ahead from 2012-9994 where the life still was at full swing after The Sun lost it's existence . Sam a few years back was bitten by a warewolf while tracking in the woods of Eastern India near the pacific ocean and to save his life he jumped into the sea but his wound attracted some strange species of fish which sucked his blood and later he was found almost dead near the sea shore by Aman now his best friend who is a vampire and he turned Sam as well to save his life.A few days later Sam found himself turned into a strange creature as he was bitten by three strange creatures simultaneously he got powers of all three of them and most surprising thing was when he came to know the fish gave him power to turn invisible at his wish anytime . So guys let's enter the world of Sam and his companions who knows when they come in front of your door and you say No This Can't be True
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Nice start, definitely should revise your work though! Few errors in punctuation!

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Name Sam
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