Italian Summer

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_theolddarkness By _theolddarkness Updated 2 years ago
Olly is a shy teenage boy on holiday with his sister Charlotte in Italy. At the airport, he meets a beautiful girl named Amelia. He soon forgets her, but when they meet again, is it destiny, or just a joke?
MUFFlN MUFFlN 2 years ago
Glad I stumbled upon this!  Great start!  Seems like its going to be a good read.  :)
MouldyBanana MouldyBanana 2 years ago
I thought that this was a really good start and it seems pretty originnal which is quite rare to find in the romanace category. I couldn't find anything that I could fault you on at all since it was all really well described and it also had a pretty good flow(:
Kyaerin Kyaerin 2 years ago
I liked this. The writing style was very.. light, easy to read. I felt like I was inside his head, but it wasn't overwhelming. Very well written. Good job.
Davrielle Davrielle 2 years ago
I like your writing style. For teen fiction, this is very polished, very professional. It sets a good precedent for teen fiction here on wattpad. You deserve more reads! Great job. Voted :D
DonnaSharples DonnaSharples 2 years ago
An easy read so far. Well written. Keeping this in my library to see how this goes on.
Jungle_Walrus Jungle_Walrus 2 years ago
I like it :)
It's pretty well written. I like how he's a little awkward :) 
Very realistic too...