A Book Of The Lands: The One Who Would Be King

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Dan DeBono By Dan DeBono Completed
The goblin horde has arrived! Djar’s parents have been murdered, his city is occupied and things look worse every day. But there is one small hope: If only he can reach the sorceress Dymorla. The only trouble is, she already has a plan of her own, and it includes snatching a boy from an alternate plane (Earth), and animating an army of zombies to pose as a group of un-dead heroes to fool a powerful group of warrior priests into helping. 

Now what could go wrong with that? 

Dan's first novel - in paperback and eBook - and now FREE in entirety only for  Wattpad Readers!

NOTE: Glossary at end of story.
I'm barely into this and I'm already interested!  You are such an AMAZING writer, with such talent and epic ideas!  Keep up the good work!