Keep Calm and Fizzy On ✌

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deefizzy By deefizzy Updated 10 months ago
I can't give this a certain description because I don't know what I'll be putting in here
shawnee_ shawnee_ a year ago
He's helped me because he made me smile when no one could. 
He's just my world 
He's hilarious, cute, adorable, awkward,  and him. 
If he sees this I just want him to know I love him..
Anotherperson101 Anotherperson101 2 years ago
Fizzy family unite! really hope you meet Damon! 
doubleUTF_sky doubleUTF_sky 2 years ago
DAMON IF YOU EVER SEE THIS I WANTED TO SAY IM SO GLAD YOU STARTED MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND BEING WHO YOU ARE. You have trully helped me more than a person I met personally would have. Im happy Damon and I don't currr! Im glad you are yourself.
Cresil21 Cresil21 2 years ago
Happy birthday! ^-^
I don't think I ever talked to you, but you fanned me so thanks for that too! :D
Hope you meet Damon and you guys chill together. :3
Hahah, my birthday is tomorrow the 28th. xD
So when I saw this I was more birthdays! \(^0^)/
mini_vampire mini_vampire 2 years ago
Happy birthday :D 
I hope you get to meet him one day :) 
You have sure made me smile and that I should stay positive for anyone thats knows me I havent had the best year and havent been positive at all but your statues have made me smile :) thank you
kimmylovesyuhh kimmylovesyuhh 2 years ago
oohhh its your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you spend it with the people you love...not including damon. Well hope your loving your birthday and whats upppp!