Keep Calm and Fizzy On ✌

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deefizzy By deefizzy Updated 2 years ago
I can't give this a certain description because I don't know what I'll be putting in here
He's helped me because he made me smile when no one could. 
He's just my world 
He's hilarious, cute, adorable, awkward,  and him. 
If he sees this I just want him to know I love him..
Fizzy family unite! really hope you meet Damon! 
DAMON IF YOU EVER SEE THIS I WANTED TO SAY IM SO GLAD YOU STARTED MAKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND BEING WHO YOU ARE. You have trully helped me more than a person I met personally would have. Im happy Damon and I don't currr! Im glad you are yourself.
Happy birthday! ^-^
I don't think I ever talked to you, but you fanned me so thanks for that too! :D
Hope you meet Damon and you guys chill together. :3
Hahah, my birthday is tomorrow the 28th. xD
So when I saw this I was more birthdays! \(^0^)/
Happy birthday :D 
I hope you get to meet him one day :) 
You have sure made me smile and that I should stay positive for anyone thats knows me I havent had the best year and havent been positive at all but your statues have made me smile :) thank you
oohhh its your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you spend it with the people you love...not including damon. Well hope your loving your birthday and whats upppp!