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I can't give this a certain description because I don't know what I'll be putting in here
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You should try get all your fans to tweet to Damon one day at the same time so he can read your wattpad page! <3
Fizzy family unite! really hope you meet Damon! 
I've asked you so many questions and none of them have made it on to that. *sigh* I guess bubbles and ears are not as important.
I'm going to die unhappy id u don't tell me wat sragskjask, asfasdjkf, tbqfh, hehkdlad mean. Please, its been bothering me
I got the same goal...but I figured that out when my best friend needed me most 7th grade (this year). I hope you get to meet him, you seem sweet!
Lol, did someone really say that they hate you? That's mean, I'd flip them off. But your response is good to. Actually it's pretty funny.

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