I'm Sorry, Did You Say Werewolf? (Watty Awards 2012)

Alexa Creer is a 17 year old High School student. On the first day of her senior year she learns that there is a large group of new students enrolling in her school. Nothing special, right? Wrong. During the new students' first few days at her school, Alexa begins to realise something suspicious is happening. Why are her friends are suddenly being so secretive? Why does she feel a major attraction to one of the new boys, Kai? And why is she experiencing strange flashbacks and memories when she meets Kai's friend, Cairo? What is everyone hiding from her? Alexa wants to know. And Alexa is determined to find out. But with so many secrets of her own, can she really handle any more?
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@_emo_batches__1424_ I don't think he's hot, I think Logan Lerman and Andy Biersack are hot.
No, but my friends are obsessed. Just ask UnIcornsAreSwag. She wrote a book called Pickett Fence
So basically Venice and the other girl are humans and almost everyone else is a werewolf?
oohh emmett from twilight is a great kai.how doesnt she know shes werewolf??? time will tell.definitely got my reading attention.great writing
Isn't that Kai guy from twilight :P But anyways amazing story I could literally feel like I was in the book. ;)
So i was really into the werewolf book then all of a sudden the next chapter is written like a play to a different book. What gives

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