The Undercover Nerd

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_yourimaginaryfriend7 By _yourimaginaryfriend7 Updated 2 years ago
It’s one thing to experiment. And it’s another thing to completely change your clothes, your personality, your life – just for the sake of curiosity. 

Well, for me, one experiment completely transformed me. 

I did things I never thought I would be caught dead doing. I wore makeup. I donned frilly dresses and skirts. I swayed my hips as I walked. Every little thing they did, I observed. I became one of them. 

Being undercover is fun...especially when you're a nerd.
ThirtyMilesZone ThirtyMilesZone 3 years ago
Oh my god this is good! The only thing that stung me was Diamond. That was my second name (we were named from gems). Huhu.

 Voted and downloaded on my iPod!
SincerelyJune SincerelyJune 3 years ago
this sounds like a really  good story idea, I didn't see any mistakes, and also great details. :)
cooll0ner cooll0ner 3 years ago
i just realized this story is already in my library and i've already read it :/
oh my gosh, i'm addicted! this sounds like it will be soooooo good! i'm adding it to my library! and voting!
GlitterxDaze GlitterxDaze 3 years ago
Loved i!! seriously !! it's really intresting ... off o the next chapter
ESYLuc ESYLuc 3 years ago undercover nerd. Pretty original, I must say :)