The Baby Project

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Avery and Andrew have been best friends since middle school; they're close. But they're about to get a whole lot closer when paired up for the project like no other: the baby project.
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hmm... when u think about it, the kids choosing which baby they want is kind of like society judging us by our looks, but in this case they know the shit we've been through and its even worse
We don't have this project where I live and I really wanna have this project
@citrusdance Same. Finally someone who i can relate to. You are my new friend. LOL :P
They do this at my school but by choice and your by your self not in partners
In my school they you have a choice to learn about parenting and you do this assiaments to freaky way 
Gosh, my school had this too. Just dressing the day the teacher ups and tells us, hey, here's your baby project! Try to sleep through a crying plastic doll; no pressure!