The Baby Project

Avery and Andrew have been best friends since middle school; they're close. But they're about to get a whole lot closer when paired up for the project like no other: the baby project.
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noo do not make it short! ! its ok...make if longer cos I am startin to luv this story
ah, the memories... teacher accidently played it backwards, so the doctors were like pushing the baby back in the mother. it was quite hilarious
Damn, that sucks ass. Not only did she fall on her face, but she got a crappy baby. Lol, I can't-
that sounds a lot like me. im not really hand eye foot brain coordinated. its a surprise ive lasted so long in band
I'm only though the first chapter but so far I really enjoy it! Can't put it down. Awesome details also.
I fell off my chair laughing just by reading the first chapter !! Just LOVE your story. keyword: love.

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