The Baby Project

Avery and Andrew have been best friends since middle school; they're close. But they're about to get a whole lot closer when paired up for the project like no other: the baby project.
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*slowly claps*
He probably just made them all make sure to use... PROTECTION! (Dun dun dun!)
The only reason taking care of a baby is because of the crying!! 24/7 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
The little girl in the second one looks like a toddler version of Holland Roden!
FML... My brother and fathers name is Andrew... I'm going to go sob in the corner now...
i fell UP the bleachers one time at a school football game RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY CRUSH.
 i wanted to DIE omg
Just pay it in the rhythm of a heartbeat, it'll remind the baby of being in its mothers stomach. Tried this on my niece when she was a newborn and it works.

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