Torchwood's Daughter~ A Torchwood and Doctor who fanfic

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_TheDoctorsStar By _TheDoctorsStar Updated a year ago
Sapphire before meeting Torchwood was abused and didn't have a name. Thats until she met them. She virtually becomes their daughter as they care for her. The doctor crashes and meets her. He whizzes her away in to time and space. Both of them on an adventure but not the running type no the adventure of love. But it won't be that simple with an exstremly crazy jealous ex wife and all the adventures they have. 
Will they both get what they want or will it drive them apart?
TeamAvatar TeamAvatar 2 years ago
Great story! I love Doctor Who, so. And i realize that you got this from Torchwood, but torchwood is in Doctor who. Awesome.
XxdressagequeenxX XxdressagequeenxX 2 years ago
You just got yourself a new fan cuz ur awesome like that. this is an amazing story. P.s. preety please check mine out. i just put it up today:)
PaulineBall PaulineBall 2 years ago
So far I think you are doing really great, A/N. Sapphire is a bit young for romance yet, but everyone needs love of some form or another from babies up to grandparents, so a friends love for being rescued could be a possibility.
Moondog55 Moondog55 2 years ago
this is p re t t y good i like it im going to fan you
lunardragon lunardragon 2 years ago
@dude1231238 but river does die at the library, so u could change it.
lunardragon lunardragon 2 years ago
@thedoctorstar i think it would cute if it romance. u have tons of time to decide.