The Remorse Of Being In The Dark

Can you construe "Dark"? Is it When the lights go down? OR when your eyes lose the ability to see, when in fact you're not blind? Can the darkness just fill your eyes or literally clog the light that helps you see the truth, the light in your mind? But the real question is, if your time is dark and world seems to be blind to your pain, will you stop living? Will you kill yourself because you couldn't bear the agonizing pain in your heart? Won't you give yourself a deserving try?
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One of the most interesting storry I have read till date.. the writer well..ammazing job done!
The first chapter started like a michael bay film... :) till it gradually settled down to a finer pace...very interesting...waiting for more :)
nice 1 my friend...u wl alwaz have 1 comment n like frm my side for sure. . .:) :) :). . .hope u post soon. . .

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