As Time Proceeds (boyxboy)

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masonmaddness By masonmaddness Updated 2 years ago
Aeden has fallen in love with his high school crush, a plain boy named Kendall who captivated his attention by his internal spark, but what will Aeden do when Kendall leaves him never to return? How will this effect Aeden in his future life. As Time Proceeds follows Aeden's life through the years and chronicles his love, loss, and future. Where will he end up?
kbird131 kbird131 a year ago
Woah. Holy Hell you are an amazing writer, like no not even amazing, more than amazing..............!!!!!
sistersinsync18 sistersinsync18 2 years ago
wow its just first chapter and i can already tell it is going to be beautiful
AngelCullen7 AngelCullen7 2 years ago
@masonmaddness it is im reading ur story right now and i think ur an awesome writer already
AngelCullen7 AngelCullen7 2 years ago
oh my the first chapter and i already have tears tryin to fall
SaucyOneCurious SaucyOneCurious 2 years ago
The few stories I've read by you have had me either on the verge of crying or crying, which is great! it means you're a great writer!!! : ) able to portray the situations.
sleepwalker sleepwalker 2 years ago
aw this was beautiful, i just love your writing style. btw you had me on the verge of wanting to cry with how sweet this was.