Prison Bait (BoyXBoy)

David is a boy that is 17 and he robs a bank. He is caught and put in adult jail. He gets rapped then later finds someone that can protect him, but all things in life are not free, especially in jail. He has to give this man sexual favors. He end up falling in love with him. Can he move on with this man and can they become lovers? Will he carry on or will he give up on hisself? This is a fiction story. Not True!!!
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Was he raped by the guard or just fondled. I'm not sure it's clear but I would like to know.
The story moves along pretty quick. I can't wait to get to the meat of the story. Also I wonder if Ben got caught or turned him in for a lesser sentence.
I am enjoying your story it has a few kinks but all in all your plot is good I'm excited to see how it all plays out.
Ringed wire at prisons- razor wire lined with barbed wire, I think there's barbed wire it my just all be razor wire
@alana22 When you say underage... describe what number is 'underage' love the story though :)

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