Will there be a tomorrow?

Life is so short. Live every moment to the fullest. Leave no room for regret. Break the rules. Live life love Life!!
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happy ending is one big lie...
tomorrow is always a mystery....

shravan,end has not yet come...u'll meet---up there :)
Nice job! I don't see anything that needs major improvement however if you could work a bit more on the imagery, you'd have a true beauty! =D
That one is really good. It flows well and it has a deep message without being hard to figure out.
The delivery of the poem is lovely..really nice flow to go with the gentle theme..nice :-)
I liked the flow of the poem :) But try adding a few more lines and really letting the message seep in :)
Sweet poem and totally true. Nothing more important in life that today and the people you want to spend it with :)

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