Some unknown emotion tugged at my heart and my mind, and without understanding the reason why I turned around and looked back towards the dark forest behind me. Furthest away, in the outskirt of the big cluster of trees, I saw you. I could only see your contour but I knew that it was you. “What are you doing here?” I whispered the question, barely loud enough for my own ears to hear it. But I couldn’t raise my voice, I couldn’t muster it. I was so tired. My legs gave in underneath me and suddenly I was on my knees in the icy grass. It cut into my calves and hands, but I had no energy to flee the unpleasant pain. A strained breath was all I could muster and I looked down into the now blackened grass in confusion.
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The true first sentence of this story is "What are you doing here?". Now that's a grabber for your readers.
wow i love all the detailed description especially the bit about the snow white dress :) u have to carry on
I love this story <3 It's dark and eerie, yet soft and beautiful c: You must keep writing it!

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