Lucky Me // Niall Horan

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I was just another fan to him. I didn't think by sending that one little tweet to Niall Horan, 1/5 of the famous boy band One Direction, my life would change forever. I was nothing special. Just like any other 17 year old girl. Hands touch, eyes meet and apparently, he saw something special in me.
in my school it's the opposite, everyone rolls their skirts up!!
Other direction I thought there was only one direction 

Sorry had to trololololololo yeah ✌️
*facepalm*hes going to a bakery 

What did you just walk into...
@realestbella no because Taylor Lautner started following me and actually dm'd me back it came happen
that's a lot of fowllers! I only have like 6.Pls follow me @Ashliiscool on twitter!! it would mean the world to me!
I'll build you up I'll never stop you know I'll take you to another world...