Lucky Me // Niall Horan

I was just another fan to him. I didn't think by sending that one little tweet to Niall Horan, 1/5 of the famous boy band One Direction, my life would change forever. I was nothing special. Just like any other 17 year old girl. Hands touch, eyes meet and apparently, he saw something special in me.
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This is the second time I have read this and it is still as amazing as ever. :D
Keep it up!
I know this sounds like I live under a rock or something but what does DM stand for?
oh my god I'm literally screaming ...<3 love niall ...him and zayn are my favorite but I can't sho favoritism so uhh love all them but niall and zayn more
omg you make it sound so real ...I love your book <3 <3 ......omg she is so lucky I wish it was me
The flip-flop-flapping is a carrot?! I can hear all the directionless laughing behind our backs!!!! Tell meh!
@MrsStyles2003 ngl I laughed pretty hard in the middle of class for this you are amazayn!!

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