Wicca a misunderstood religion. Let this help clear any confusion you may have, help you become the Wiccan you want to be,or simply satisfy your curiosity. I have taken the time to research,read books,and talk to covens to further my connection with the god and goddess. I also put my own Book of shadows in here please comment and let me know if you would like me to add more spells or charms. Enjoy the fruit of my labor. (:
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That I had a big problem with when I was a child. Too much seriousness and never any fun.
This is so incredibly true too me, amazing too see my own vague thoughts in clear direct words.
Do you have a reference to the Runes. I know Theban but I haven't been able to find the Runes.
This was so informative--I was researching Wicca for a story of mine, and this was really helpful. Thanks!
B )
At first was asking myself "I should stay christian, right?" But now that I know more about being Wicca, I very much want to partake in it.
Wow how interesting :) One of my friends told me about Wicca and im really curious. Im sure this story will help :D

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