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charcoalveins By charcoalveins Updated 2 years ago
RyleaRoxx RyleaRoxx 2 years ago
Hey, I have heard you do book covers and im new to wattpad do you think that you could make one for my first book please?
bellva bellva 2 years ago
This would be the perfect thing to put on the back of a book. I like it. You have a way of describing everything very colorfully and very vividly.
Intriguing! I like the shortness it adds a certain appeal and theme. Also I like how you started with three very bold descriptive factors to hook the attention of your reader. Well done, reading on.
ohmydeers ohmydeers 2 years ago
Wow, now I want to read more. Very intriguing. I can't wait to keep reading :)
VEGraham VEGraham 2 years ago
@AricaelMalone I also love the cover on the side. Who made it?
ohsnap_itsscotti ohsnap_itsscotti 2 years ago
This has a VERY interesting plot line!
Also, I love the cover to the side.