Don't Go Out In The Woods Today

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The legend of ‘The Black Shuck’ is of a ghostly black dog said to roam the countryside and coastline of Norfolk. Recent news coverage reports deaths caused by animal attacks in the area so when Amy is confronted with the mythical creature her life gets confusing and the last thing she needs is a new, young, and fresh out of university teacher becoming overly protective of her. (Student, Teacher/Werewolf Romance)
Very good  beginning amd I'm sure jt will have an interesting plot coming up to just support it
people are saying that the English system confused them while I'm like the American system confuses me XD
I think its awesome that you’ve gone through the effort to create us a website, thank you very much. How about you added to external links? Because we can’t really highlight and open anything you’ve written.
They found a corpse of a massive dog recently that could be the basis behind the myth ( the dog would be 7-feet tall on it's hind legs ) you can find the video on Beyond Science's channel
Nopeee as long as you wear a mask so they can't tell how old you are....
lol you can never be to old to go trick or treating but i havent had the nerve to go trick or treating since 7th grade