Sport's Aren't My Only (Lesbian Story)

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Amylia By AmyliasOcean Completed
Rylee is a girl that thinks no one can touch her, emotionally. She's the type of girl that gets with people and have no strings attached. Autumn is the complete opposite. Falling in love and being with someone who cares for her is the most important thing for her. When these two meet on the soccer field things start to turn their world's upside down. Autumn developing feelings for a girl for the first time. Rylee's angry feelings at the fact she might be falling head over heels for Autumn. What's a girl to do?
Wow I though it said Aubrey at first WHY CANT IT EVER BE AUBREY!!
i think this is funny because i play basketball and during the games most of my teammates catch me "flirting" with the opposing team
Umm... The human who just started and is still a little scared by this whole social norm and popular music people that aren't from before the 1800s is lost, anyone care to catch up this human?
Does it make me a bad lesbian that I don't know who this mysterious Tegan and Sarah is? I mean, I've heard of them... A lot, but never got around to listening....
@sonak2002 you feel good now? did that make you feel like a big man? why would you say that?
played soccer for 11 years and i mostly play middle and defense cuz i can kick like nobody's business! even scored a goal from half field.