Sport's Aren't My Only (Lesbian Story)

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Rylee is a girl that thinks no one can touch her, emotionally. She's the type of girl that gets with people and have no strings attached. Autumn is the complete opposite. Falling in love and being with someone who cares for her is the most important thing for her. When these two meet on the soccer field things start to turn their world's upside down. Autumn developing feelings for a girl for the first time. Rylee's angry feelings at the fact she might be falling head over heels for Autumn. What's a girl to do?
I LOVE SOCCER!!!!! This is an amazing story! 
Not too fast, slow or boring. 
@Alskaa it's good you're pointing it out. I was going to do it too, but you beat me to it. Good story so far, but to develop into a better writer, I suggest the author do some research. always good to get the facts right!
Yessssss. OMG you took the lyrics right from mah thinkin' membrane.
She means the details, bra. Her favorite color, her shoe size, the face she makes when she sneezes. The kind of sh!t that makes you care for someone. You know her deepest motivation, but you don't appreciate it yet
Relate much. Me and Rylee acts the same but we play different sports. mine is basketball B-)
@ErmaJoJo thank gosh. I thought I was the only one who didn't know them.