The Poison of Lust

(I know this summary involves fangs, but this is not a vampire story) Five people share a mysterious dream revolving around an ominous red door guarded by a set of glowing red eyes and fangs dripping with blood. When they are faced with the real thing, they find all of their fantasies come to life... but at a deadly price....
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oh i seee you indented. thats a good thing. i dont indent cuz i think its a waste for me. idrc. 
but at least it makes yours more professional :) good job.
I much prefered this to your other one :) The imagery of the characters was very effective and hooked me into the story
@HarmonyHouse What about your other story? I think it's still open for submissions. You just have to make sure you finish them by October. I think. =)
@HarmonyHouse Yeah, well, pester her already hahahah... I can't take the wait =P
First comment? Sweet! haha anyways im curious to see what this myserious house has to offer (: upload soon
Okay, before I start reading I just have to say the summary sounds SO sexy hahaha =)

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