Fear and Blood

Ly's hate and fear towards humans has cased him to do horrible things in the past, but is there a way he can redeem himself? Does he even want to and will a human girl be able to handle a vampire with a major blood addiction?
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@TheWorldTurns jdkjshaga holy shit youve made my day. And alright, I think Netflix has series 2.
@TheWorldTurns YOU WATCH SHERLOCK? O: And IF you make a cast, would you use Benedict?
Maybe you should have a declaration page @TheWorldTurns Where you state your work is your own not the other guys. It might stop the accusations
@TheWorldTurns Never heard of him, just visited your page and saw your recent comment so came and had a look
@TheWorldTurns If you like someone has stolen your work you can report them to Wattpad and they will deal with the person.
I think its great how your giving insite to the characters without rushing the story line.....grwat job cant wait to read the next ch :)

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