The Dress

The dress. The perfect dress.That is exactly what Jasmine comes across. There's a catch though; It's way over her price range and she has no where to wear it. Will she find the perfect place to wear it? And will she win over the guy of her dreams in the process?
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ooooooh i can totally see the dress in my head.. Sigh. As a designer, I know how awesome a dress that fits you is. :3
Really like this book, but I'm not sure where you're going to go with it. However, the second chapter awaits!
Nice first chapter! And Jazmine is so funny at the last part!
10% discount..! LOL
And nice cast too..I love alexander ludwig! XD
That was interesting, 
but there is something missing,
I like the descriptions :)
Hahaha awesome first chapter! this seems like a cool book and im liking the plot already :) voted and added to my library! :)
4 things.
1. Llamas do rock.
2.Great job!
and 4.Stop being so awesome.

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