Score My Heart (On Hold)

Sam found out he was going to move from Texas, the place where he grew up and all his memories belonged in. And was moving to DC with his parents at the beginning of senior year. Obviously he was mad and scared. His whole life was in Texas. Now he must rebuild all of it from scratch. It sucked.   It turns out that it’s not that bad at all. It’s amazing actually. He got a position in the basketball team (even though Coach Conrad is scary as heck), he made friends with all his team mates and the popular crowd. In less than a week, Sam was popular in his new school.   He even met a very pretty girl that he runs into at the school gym. They talk and Sam falls head over heels in love with her. Bruce his team mate/ best friend saw them talking and realized that his new best friend is way over his head. Then he warned Sam about the girl, Chloe, she’s Chloe Conrad as in Coach Conrad. Coach Conrad had billions of rules, but there’s one unspoken rule that every player knew. That was: Do not try to date the coach’s daughter. The storyline based on a prompt I found at tumblr
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i love this book so much i litterly can not wait until u update! and i love the trailer
Lolena Forever!! <3 And i found this book at youtube!! Ur story seems amazing so i will read it ;) haha
OMG! Logan Lerman and selena gomez on the same picture! They make such a cute couple! I mean look at this Guy! He's just sooo handsome!!!
I love the cover pic its amazing and I love the cast and the story line seems cool
I plan to actually read this whole story because it sounds AWESOME!!! And the lead characters are the best:)
I think the roles are perfect (well I haven't read it yet but the main roles seem perfect)

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