Perfectly Imperfect 2

Book Two of Perfectly Imperfect. [Opposites attract. Secrets kill.] Opposites attract; the oldest cliché in the book! What happens when it proves true though? What happens when the school's oddball and the golden boy befriend each other? Perhaps people will see that the oddball was never really that odd to begin with. Perhaps they will see that the golden boy is trying to hide a dark secret. When their worlds collide; dark secrets are unbound, a past that should have remained hidden is brought to light, and brutal revenge awaits them. They say opposites attract. They say we should never keep secrets. So what would you do when the one person you fall for is the one person who would never understand you? And what would you do if your biggest, darkest secret threatens to silence you? Forever? Would it be happily-never-after? Or would it be perfectly imperfect? A collaboration between PaigeDaniels and raihanmoi.
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Oh! There you are! I was really worried that you would leave us like that! But no. I love you guys for that! Yaaay! Sequel <3!
There u are.. :) i dont want to be left hanging again. Please update everyday. ^^ by the way, u and paige are such an amazing writer. Keep it up! :)
Hey! guys thanx for continuing perfectly imperfect was so disappointed how it ended but now i'm happy all the best with d story hope it matches the 1st book

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