My Passionate Cowboy

Amanda Brooks is secretly in love with her best friends brother. But there's one little problem. He hates her. Or so she thinks? What happens when these two are put to the test. Will they fall happily in love? Or will they let their stubborn ways get in their way?
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your story is a bit confusing... it's interesting nevertheless... but you should look out for errors.
its awesome. you said u didn't get to edit, but when u do look for the mys and change them to hers that will make every thing constant.
Scar seems like such a morbid nickname for a girl, maybe Letty? or Lettie? Whichever, lol.
yep i see the love already..... im liking this story, and by the introducion i right on knowing ill be interested in reading this story.
It's really interesting! But there is a lot of dialogue :S I'm not such a fan of that.
I thInk the story is great but it would b easier to read if it was in 1st person instead of 3rd. Just an idea for you.

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