The Fae [Faylinn #1]

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Karlee By dreamy_ Updated 2 years ago
Lilath Fae, a twenty-two year old who has lived her entire life in Canada receives the opportunity of a life time. Her company has now opened up in France, and she has to live in a hotel big enough to be a castle. The 'castle' to her is love at first sight. But she meets a man, a ghost who she can't help but fall for. He has been living in her hotel room for centuries. He's hiding a secret, one that could save or ruin her. As secrets unravel and enemies are made, Lilath travels to Faylinn. A kingdom with people just like her, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
At first I thought that there was like a private butler or something but then she faints and I was just like O.O
I Prefer Francis... It sounds so much more hotter... And French O.O
I read the introduction and i'm excited to start reading, it so worth reading
I found your plotline very different compared to the books I read. I could find myself instantly liking this story:) Your description was beautiful and breath taking. All together it was a great chapter:)
I agree with the comment below! it is really interesting! 
                                    10/10 from me too:)
Ooh it seems interesting. I wonder who it is. The only thing that I would say is to maybe make more paragraphs. There were big paragraphs that make it hard to read. Other than that, it was really good. 10/10