Woman of International Intrigue

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_plwriter By _plwriter Updated 2 years ago
“I’m Steve’s daughter.  You can’t do this to me.”  She gasped continuing to struggle.
He pinned her harder, his knife pressed to her throat.  “Your father gave the order,”  he said with a smile.

Alex is New York City's top assassin, that is until she has a blood curdling nightmare about a job gone wrong.  Despite her desire to be loyal and continue her adrenaline filled career, she can't shake the images.  She knows that she has to turn over a new leaf.  Within days she goes from heir of the family business to running for her life.  The only person she can trust is the detective who wants to lock her up for life.  It's a hate filled bond - at least that's what they tell themselves.  Alex knows that she can't last long, but with the detective at her side can she make it long enough to disappear into the crowd...or will she die as a woman of international intrigue?
Plasmodium Plasmodium 3 years ago
I like the new prologue. btw...last paragraph: apostrophe in "detective's" and a semicolon for the last sentence instead of a comma. 
clockworkprincess clockworkprincess 4 years ago
wow im already hooked and i just started reading. good job
rfinn2 rfinn2 4 years ago
Great summary.  What a great way to get the reader's attention and hook someone in!