Have We Met? (Player's Chronicles) Volume One {Ebook sample}

Nate Ashburn is one of the rich and popular bachelors in North America. Not only is he good looking, he's also the heir to a multibillion dollar Media corporation. Aside from the fine things in life, Nate has his eyes for beautiful women. This is his pastime when not doing anything else...okay, he's your typical playboy who loves womanizing. But can you blame him? Being 21 years old, he's at the prime of his life. Until he got the bad news that his Grandfather - the owner of Ashburn Media - passed on. As a result, Nate was handed the responsibilities of taking over the company. Only thing is, he has to first take up his deceased Grandfather's last wish to prove his worth. With the challenge, Nate had to work a low paying job, and give up all of his monies (except for the necessities) and vices...that includes women. The challenge ends on his 22nd birthday. If he passed the requirements, he gains not only his Grandfather's legacy but perhaps LOVE. Shortly after agreeing to the details of the challenge, Nate meets Liz Prince. In his eyes, she was the one for him. He couldn't tell her right away who he really is but there was something holding him back - the challenge. Little does Nate know, Liz also has a secret. Find out if revealing their secrets will get them together or apart. Will Nate get to fulfill his Grandfather's last wish?
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ok, sure dude. So...when I get a STD, I'll know who to blame, right? Good to know you're there for me...
if I buy it on ibooks do I get the discount code. I would really love to finish ut
This is based on a movie isn't it? I've seen a movie that has this exact plot and story line
this really good but i cant tell who's who on the cast list!! can someone tel mee??
I would just like to say that, I happily bought have we met!!!:) I am so excited to finish it, thanks!!!:)
Hi, really like this story, how can I get discount coupon? Thank you!!! Can wait read more

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