The Skinny Man

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_Serperior By _Serperior Updated 2 years ago
Many people have encounter many strange things in their lives, seeing black figures, sprites, demons, voices, and seeing many scary things that are unexplained. But this book is going to tell you many short stories that happened to my family.

"Strange events were occuring for awhile now. I didn't think twice about the incidents because I was a bit of a stoner.
I kept reassuring myself that I had recieved a laced bag of bud. It wasn't until I seen him or "it" from a distance. Almost spying on me
like it was waiting for the perfect moment to harm me. What made it all too real was when my best friend was speaking about the same
figure...whom we called "Skinny Man."
loreenchlorine loreenchlorine 2 years ago
I like the book idea but the storie needs to be longer and have more description, have build up in the story so the readers get chills down their spines haha xDD It makes things tense but other than that I can see this book becoming popular :DD