The one that got away...(Kol Mikaelson Love story)

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Calum's groupie By Calum's groupie Updated 3 months ago
I just moved from my beach town in California to...One moment.

I looked up from my Diary and check my computer,I picked my pen back up

Mystic falls...Ugh even the name gives me chills,I hate it here I mean yeah I like seeing my sister Elena and Brother Jeremy but I mean really?! My mom just told me I'm adopted!And then forced me here! What's with that?!?!

I slammed the book shut,and threw it across the room angrily. I pulled my brown hair back,Elena walked in I looked at her "You should knock." I said with anger,She rolled her brown eyes "Someone's here to see you." she whispered,letting in a tall boy with brown hair "Kol Mikaelson,Plesure to meet you."
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