A Very Personal Entry From My Diary.

The truth of teen girls --- emotions, thoughts, and all the shallow drama of it.
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A diary is a personal and important thing. It helps people remember their worst and best of times. You have much courage, and you probably don't know that.
Wow I have a diary too but I'm not as brave as youto put on here I kinda wish I did though yur amazin!

hahaha K - Idk if I had missed that in the story? It seemed to have jumped out at me :D
Tuesday, November 23rd, my birthday! Ahaa, nice to see you writing a diary entry on my birthday! Hehee<3
wow. ur awesome for doing this. i wanted to do it but im to scare. love the voice and everything. you rock for doing this. keep at in mind..
Read your bio, I really can relate to you. All guy friends, kinda feeling alone, etc. You're a great writer and should be proud.

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