His Dark Side

Evelyn Carter is a lonely, self centered girl but the loneliness doesn’t bother her, the helpless girl in her dreams does. When she befriends a gorgeous stranger her life will change forever. But despite the stranger’s charm there is something else about him that she just can’t figure out. On the other hand, Eric Clarke has lots of secrets he keeps to himself. He stays quiet and hidden. No one really knows who he is, all they know is his name. He doesn’t like socializing but that will have to change when one day he finds Evelyn Carter at his door step. She is determined to find the hidden secrets of his mysterious past. But Eric Clarke is determined not to reveal His Dark Side.
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I think it would work better without the description of his hair tbh so just the first two sentences.
Love the new cover!!! Haven't been able to read too much of it yet because I've been far too busy for my own good, but this is def on my top read list!!!
This is interesting story. My guess are: it's about angels and demons if I'm correct x
Perfect length for the prologue! The description of your story seemed really interesting, and so far the story is as well. Keep it up!
The plot is really awesome and the prologue is really intriguing. It's really well detailed and the style of writing works really well! Voted! :)
this prologue is absolutely awesome! good enough to attract people into reading it!

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