Roller Coaster that is Life (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

"You Only Live Once. But if you do it right, once is enough." Youth is like diamonds in the sun, and diamonds are forever. Looking for: Humor? ✔ Romance? ✔ Drama? ✔ Mystery? ✔ Gemma Styles - Girlfriend of Zayn Malik yet falling for someone else. Struggles to cope with love. Struggles to make the right choice. But besides all that, she lives her life to the fullest along with her best friends.
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"Someone get me some popcorn" Louis is so funny I'm this!! And in real life and awww Zayn's so sweet!!
OMGG so good I'm dying then I'm coming back alive to read the rest if this amaZAYN story!!!!
I love. That's soo good write and soo amazing at read ! ♥ That's soo amazing ! ♥ xx
@the1DBlondie Wow, your writing style is brilliant! And I love your cover. Your fanfic is brilliant, keep it up : ) x
Oh my god, are you trying to cause me a heart attack? A making out closet? Romantic notes in English class? Those two are seriously perfect! <3
perfect! you are seriously amazing at writing! can‘t wait for the new part *excited* :) x

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